• 2020 Gift Guide for Grown Kids

November 22, 2020

It used to be so easy to buy for our kids, right? When they were young, it was simple and inexpensive. But as they get older, our mindsets have to change as we figure out what they need wherever they are living and especially during this year, 2020 and beyond.

1. Ugg Blanket - No one can turn down the softness of an Ugg blanket! And if you can't be there to give them a hug, this is the next best thing. Netflix binging in quarantine never felt so good....

2. DoTerra Essential Oils Travel Kit - The buzz phrase for the pandemic is self care, and essential oils are an untapped resource so many things. Everything from aiding in sleep to sickness prevention, this DoTerra travel set is a great way to start. Just 5-7 drops into a diffuser and your room is transformed to the feeling of a spa. Also a few drops on the bottom of your feet will aid in absorption if you prefer that.

3. Alexa Echo Video Screen - this 8" video screen is a reasonable price for the high tech way it connects people to their loved ones. In our world right now, staying connected has never been more important. This provides a hands-free option of virtual togetherness as your busy grown one or you can be doing dishes or multi-tasking while chatting.

4. Passion Planner - we always need to be in touch with our passions, and I have loved this planner for its weekly and monthly glances but also its diagrams for what we really want to accomplish short and long-term. 

5. Sonos Alexa Speaker - if you really want to splurge, your grown kid will be thrilled with this. Battery powered and a smart speaker, this will play their playlists for them and their friends as it has WIFI and Alexa built in.

6. Essential Oils Diffuser - this goes with #2 or any essential oils you prefer. As you encourage your grown ones to take care of themselves, this can be an esssential life saver for so many ailments.

7. Matching Planters - there is something to be said for taking care of a live and growing green plant. When working from home can be a little stifling, these planters can be a cheery addition to your grown one's home, especially if they house something beautiful and live.

8. Insta Pot - One thing our old kids have less of these days is time. With a full-time job and taking care of their home and all that goes with it, an Insta Pot can be a God-send. What normally can take hours, this machine is amazing and cooks a healthy dinner in minutes.

9. Standing Desk - I'm hearing over and over from young people working from home that sitting all day in front of a screen without getting up and interacting with co-workers is so difficult. This standing desk has been a huge help for people I know and it can be for your loved ones. Relieving back issues by standing or rotating standing and sitting is huge!

10. Power Tower - In this world of technology that we live in, your grown ones will love this convenient access to power for all their devices.

11. Turkish Bath Towels - These thin, quick-drying towels are quite the trend for young adults right now. Not only are they stylish, but when sharing a bathroom with others, thick towels sometimes never dry. These are a bit fuzzy on one side and soft, but most of all, they dry super quickly.

12. Mer-Sea Sweater Candles - How cozy can you get! Mer-Sea candles are amazing scents and now winter just got cozier with this great aroma wrapped in a sweater. My favorite scent is this Saltaire but there are many choices. Perfect for an apartment that needs warming up!

13. Kindle E-Book - From train rides to bedtime reading, this e-book has non-glare pages and so many reasonably-priced books, newspapers and magazines  in one device! It's a must in today's world for your grown one.

14. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: The New Frontier with Insta Pot recipes - As your grown one tackles the home cooking thing, this book can be a huge help for every day cooking AND has a section on Insta Pot recipes with easy to read instructions.

15. Journal - Whether it's their thoughts, prayers or gratitude, a journal is so healthy, especially in the hard times we are living through. Jotting down daily what you're thankful for, for example, creates a new happier lens to look through at the world.

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Lisa-Marie Schoofs
Lisa-Marie Schoofs

November 23, 2020

Thank you – These are great Merrie! Our 3 kiddos 🥳 are all in November & w/🎄 so close it’s overwhelming. Having a list is helpful💯

Tom Valverde
Tom Valverde

November 22, 2020

Thanks for the neat ideas. I always have my young Niece & Nephews a new sweater, their favorite fragrances, and an annual Hallmark ornament or two so they will have a start when they have their own Christmas tree.


November 22, 2020

I love all of these suggestions! I’m using this list for my granddaughters! Thank you💙 AKA cabin_granny

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