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January 17, 2020

Res Ipsa

3130 Knox St.  #100

On our last trip to Dallas, my son and his girlfriend, Claire, took David and me to shop in the Knox Henderson area. Claire said I would really like this boutique and boy, was she was right! This place was amazing!

In the heart of Knox, Res Ipsa was founded by two lawyers who felt the world needed better shoes. The Latin name of the store means "the thing speaks for itself," and the brand is inspired by their travels to the great cities of the world.

The bottom line? The shoes are made of vintage kilim rugs, produced in countries of the former Persian Empire, like Turkey. They are fabulous, and each is one-of-a-kind, no two are alike.  These are the type of products that make shopping a joy!

There are men's and women's shoes and these are some of the men's, such great style. These specialty stores are also located in Nantucket, LA and Aspen.

What do you think of the ones I chose?  I went through a whole bucket of tennis shoes and ended up playing it conservative with more neutral tones, but I will always be second guessing myself that maybe I should have gone a little more colorful.  (Next pair!) These, however, will complement my usually neutral outfits beautifully and in a subtle way. I love them!

Several styles of shoes!  It was hard to decide which one, but I typically wear casual shoes a lot more often than dressy ones, due to working out of my home and living on a lake.

My next trip to the store will include a purchase of one of these gorgeous hand-made clutches with sizable jeweled buckles.  Have you ever?!!!

Favor the Kind

2928 N. Henderson Ave.

My all-time fav Dallas boutique that stands the test of time is Favor the Kind, formerly called Gypsy Wagon. Located just across the highway from Knox Henderson, this store has such a fun, adventurous gypsy feel.  I'm far from gypsy, but this place has my lake vibe written all over it. My usual purchase is a Johnny Was top, and they have many.

Unique decor is one aspect of the store.

Claire, my son's sweet girlfriend usually accompanies me to Favor the Kind when I come to town. She doesn't want to miss out - it is also a favorite of hers and my daughter, Chloie's as well.  We always have a blast! This time we sent Chloie a picture of us at the store, saying we missed her.

Candles and Tex Mex all over the place!

And the earrings are always super cute and funky.

They even sell furniture. Have you ever seen a chair like this?

And you can't go to Texas without buying some really fine boots.

And my find of the shopping trip on the 70% off table!  Seven large ornately shaped mercury Christmas tree ornaments. I love them, and they were practically free! Substantially heavy, they will look great at the lake house and will anchor the tree with style.

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