• Everything You Need for a Couple's Getaway to the Lake (Without Taking Your Whole Closet)

June 19, 2018

Is there anything better than getting away for a relaxing weekend at the lake with your significant other? In my case, my husband and I don’t get to do this hardly ever so when it happens, it’s really special. We almost have to pinch ourselves that it’s just us getting away. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love having the kids and their friends - the more the merrier! We got the lake house in order to enjoy family and our friends and our kids’ friends. It’s built for that. But sometimes it just feels really therapeutic to lower the number down to just me and him. Joy!!! Here are some tips for taking just the essentials to make it a carefree weekend on the water with a stylish twist.


15 Must Have's for the Lake Weekend


India Hicks Madly Deeply

This over-sized tote bag from India Hicks is my Go-To for the lake and will hold all you need for your fun couple’s weekend! This is one of my favorite pieces in the IH line because it is super lightweight and has easy access to your clothes and necessities. I literally use it every weekend. It holds a lot!


India Hicks Unexpected Beauty Go Bag

My new and favorite skin care is India Hicks Unexpected Beauty. This treasure is a week’s worth of everything in a small compact case. India turned 50 this year and decided to collaborate with the experts in the skin care industry to come up with a regime of shorter steps. I like it because the daily routine is only three steps due to each piece being multi-functioning. For example, instead of a separate anti-aging serum, it is built into the Supreme Cream. Try to the Uber Mist for a toner or to freshen up your makeup. And the mask, which I use once to three times a week makes your face feel like a baby’s bottom.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 3.25.54 PM.png

Chico’s So Slimming Girlfriend Crop Jean

Cropped jeans are a must in the hot summer months and go perfectly with the cropped white boxy tee above. Chico’s makes them extra comfy and stretchy, making you look more slender and definitely chic. The light color, called Bahama Beach, is perfect for the getaway.


India Hicks Wild Spiderlily Eau de Parfum

A perfect blend of sweet and spicy, this is the favorite fragrance at India Hicks hands down. The spider lily is a beautiful fragile flower found in the Caribbean and admired by India and her family as they watch it grow out of the pink sand. The type of perfume that you wear and hear everyone say, “What is that perfume you’re wearing?!”

Johnny Was Athen’s Top

My absolute favorite thing to wear at the lake is a Johnny Was top! They are usually very roomy and comfortable, forgiving to the figure. But most of all, such beautiful and colorful designs, many times with embroidery and a Bohemian feel. Not only for the lake, but most definitely for the lake!!!


Miraclesuit Sanibel One Piece

A staple in black, this is my go-to suit for the lake. It complements every cover-up and takes off 10 pounds in the process! I have this style in other colors and I love the black the most. Much like the little black dress, it’s always in style and always looks good. And isn’t it nice that one-pieces are back in?


India Hicks Golden Fan Earrings

Inspired by the women of the Maasai Mara, who wear intricately beaded collars and as much color as possible, these cool earrings are super light to wear. I absolutely love the summery look of these and so great for the lake - especially out for an evening out of the sun with lots of music and your favorite cocktail.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Moscow Mules are a refreshing summer drink when accentuated by lime, mint and these mugs!  It may sound crazy to some, but the drink truly does not taste as good out of glass or plastic.  The copper interacts with the ingredients to make it taste the way it should - delicious!  My husband and I take these down to the dock and watch the sun set.


RE/DONE 1950’s Boxy Crop Tee

What is the most basic necessity to your bag at the lake? A cute white t-shirt that goes with your skort or jeans or anything you bring. This one is versatile with the cropped length and just enough slouchy to feel comfy and loungy while you’re relaxing watching the waves.

Tory Burch Miller Sandals

These come in a million different colors and are my go-to for going out in a casual stylish way. Tory Burch has really created a classic with these and they are comfortable, wear anywhere but also take you to dinner with your sweetie at the lake.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Of course, sunglasses are a must for a couple's getaway at the lake, and Ray-Ban is a reliable moderately priced brand that has many cool shapes and sizes.  The aviator style is my fav.  What is yours?


Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.13.45 AM.png

Lovely Lips Lip Balm

I “love” this lovely lip balm because it not only makes my lips softer but it’s a gloss with just a tinge of color. A combination of shea butter, aloe and beeswax, it’s natural and feels great. A must for your getaway with your special someone!

Fit Flop Rumba Thong Sandal

So I cannot wait for winter to be over every year so that I can finally get my Fit Flops back on! These are hands down the most comfortable flip flops in the world. They are said to be for exercise as well as just casual wear, and my friend, Dillar, has proven that as she has walked all over Europe in these shoes! They come in many different styles and colors, but my favorite are the thicker soles like these. I love the fringe - it doesn’t come off and takes you from the lake to the city and back again.

Lilly Pulitzer Marii Skort

The way to make a weekend at the lake feel effortless is to bring clothing that can go from the dock to the deck to out to dinner. This cute little number is just that. The bright colors look great on a sunny day, and it is a comfortable piece whether you’re running to the store for a picnic on the deck or having cocktails on the boat at sunset.

Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen

Dermatologists say the secret to having young looking skin is sunscreen. A weekend at the lake will give your skin an extra test, and this natural hypoallergenic SPF 30 product gives you 80 minutes of water and sweat resistance. This is the real stuff and easy to stock up on at Amazon.

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