• Good Eats in Dallas 2020

January 17, 2020

I just got back from Dallas and it's always a great experience in dining!  I wanted to share with you my two of my favorite restaurants from the trip.  Our son lives there, and he always tries to take us to a new wonderful place we haven't been, but he knows there's one place I have to go every trip because I'm craving it!  My favorite place in Dallas is Mr. Mesero's.  

It's a little place in the Knox Henderson area of Dallas.  We eat outside if we go in good weather but now matter where you sit, the food is special - tasty and beautifully presented.  They give you several types of sauce with your chips and the chips are the best - great flavor and texture.

With Mr. Mesero's which has now changed its name to Doce Mesas, it's not all about the food though.  This drink. This drink. This drink.  I can't fully explain without you tasting it, but it's DA BOMB!  Three layers of frozen margarita - mango, strawberry and lime - it's pure heaven to look at and drink. 

Last week was the first week of my FASTER Way to Fat Loss, and during that week, they tell you to just get used to the fasting schedule and eating whole foods the best you can.  Thankfully, I was not counting macronutrients yet, as this would have been off the program.

When you go to Dallas, I highly recommend this drink and this restaurant! It's a special place.

 Another winner for us on our last trip to Dallas was Up On Knox, a brasserie in the Knox Henderson area. The owners believe in "real food, mindfully grown and harvested by the good people in our community."  These farmers and growers are actually pictured on their website.  No wonderful the food tasted so incredibly fresh!  I applaud this group for returning to a simpler way of life and using their resources to live out sustainability with farmers who believe in the same.

Up on Knox has a really cool atmosphere - comfortable without being sloppy and charming with a newer feel.

This was the delicious and fresh chicken kale salad I was fortunate to order and enjoy! Everyone at the table loved their meals but agreed they had to order mine as well sometime.  It had a great light and tasty dressing.

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