• Mer-Sea Wraps You in Warmth and Style

October 15, 2019

I have loved Mer-Sea wraps and sweaters since I first saw them a couple years ago, and now I’m thrilled to be able to share them with you!  I won't tell you how many of these wraps and sweaters I own, but let's just say it's a good cross-section, and I wear every one of them.  My daughter, Chloie and I both love the Seville Whipstitch wrap.  She likes the more neutral sand color and I like to call this pine color my signature color, so I was thrilled to see it.  And I don't know how else to say it, but I'm a sucker for whipstitch!

Mer-Sea & Co. was launched in September of 2013 by two entrepreneurs, Melanie and Lina, who love the adventure of the sea and travel.  Their iconic first travel wrap was born after Melanie was visiting Ecuador with a college friend.  The airline lost her luggage and after purchasing several items from a local store that she fell in love with, she found the maker of the clothing.  The first travel wrap was born!

 This reversible wrap is a great weight that keeps you warm.  It is Chloie's favorite of all the wraps - I think because it feels like a soft sweatshirt and can be worn as a heavy jacket.  I have to say the sleeves are what make this one really practical.  It's awesome to have two pieces in one. 

The Catalina Travel Sweater is another staple in their year-round collection.  I have several of these that are so easy to throw on with big slits on the side.  I wear tanks underneath and love the stylish look that is super comfortable at the same time!  Melanie and Lina have been to Morocco, Spain, Hong Kong, Thailand and all over the United States over the past year, so they know what makes a good travel sweater.

Another winner - part of the yummy fall collection.  It comes in several different shades but how fun to have a fall color! It's so great with jeans.


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