• My Bedroom Closet - I Didn't Know I Was Unorganized!

February 28, 2020

It was the most amazing revelation!  When the "bees" from Bee Organized professional home organizers showed up to the lake house, I knew I could use some help, but I had NO IDEA how unorganized I really was!

They started in our master bedroom, in my closet specifically. The first thing they did was remove everything out of my closet! This is what it looked like. I have always avoided removing everything when I clean a closet, but it made all the difference in the world! Huge tip!

Next, we made piles for "Donate," "Throw Away," and "Relocate." This was when the magic started happening.  The bees, named Leslie and Gwen, were extremely patient with me and very sensitive to what I needed and wanted in my closet. They actually helped me think through what location in the house would make the most sense for everything I had previously housed in that space.

MY BEDROOM CLOSET - BEFORE (a catchall for seasonal decor, tabletop accessories, tablecloths, pillows and wrapping paper).



Turned into THIS.  Complete with a wrapping station on the bottom - which I often need!  And I've never been able to access my hamper!

They brought this basket for my wrapping supplies and left the bottom shelf open for wrapping!


My shoe rack was hardly accessible.  The cardboard to keep Lucy out of the upstairs and downstairs went under the bed!


And now I can actually access my shoes easily!  And my hats!  Who knew?


Guess what, when relocating items, those other closet locations needed straightening too....so.....we came upon our storage closet for pillows, seasonal tablecloths, and my husband's staging materials for real estate.


Wow - this was real transformation, complete with stuffing a comforter in a large ziplock. That was super fun. LOL!

And this storage pantry housing tabletop and entertaining ware was reorganized to accommodate all the candlesticks and whatnot decor I threw in my bedroom closet.

They even created a Fourth of July closet specifically for that holiday! A huge holiday at the lake, these items were all over the house in various closets, including my "bedroom catchall closet." Game changer!

THANK YOU BEE ORGANIZED! You changed my life!  I'm a new person!


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