• Organizing the Pantry at a Lake House

February 28, 2020

I never thought about pulling every single thing out of my pantry to organize it.  I thought it was pretty straight in there, but at Bee Organized, they don't give it a second thought! No matter what, it all comes out.  This is what it looked like.

Next came a series of questions. "How often do you use this?" "Do you ever use this?" "Do you really need this?" "Do you want to donate this?" 

And a biggie, "Where can we relocate these toxic items?" We had been keeping wasp killer, bug spray and citronella oil in our pantry next to food items.  It was easy to relocate these things just a few steps away in order to keep the food safe. Genius!


We had this cart, which we were trying to use for organization, but it just wasn't working....


The bees had brought these plastic storage bins which will soon be filled up with giant snack bags from Costco in the summer months.  In the past, the snacks would just be toppling over on top of the items on this cart!

And they even thought of taking the wheels off our dog food storage bin so that it fit nicely under the bottom shelf.  I can't tell you how glad I am to not have to look at that every day.

A new slotted organizer was inserted on the shelf for our bamboo flatware, and the appliances we rarely use were put up top. Can you see my favorite piece they brought with them?


 This moving carousel! I loved it so much I had to do a Boomerang on my Insta story! Honestly, we had plastic flatware all over the kitchen.  Guests would bring it and leave it and other pieces came with carry out food. This carousel gives easy access to all of it on the shelf now, including the plastic serving pieces and straws, which also tend to collect into piles at the lake house.


This half of the pantry housed appliances and bowls that needed pitching as well as large mason jars that needed a home in our lazy susan cabinet for flour and sugar.


Canned goods will now be stacked double high on these shelves, and the toxic bug sprays are relocated elsewhere. This pantry is ready to accept all the fun snack food and healthy appetizers that a summer at the lake can bring!

This is one happy home owner with her helpful bees at the end of the day!  



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