• Spring Organization: A Seasonal Switch for Clothes + Closets

March 22, 2018


Spring is a natural transition period:  recovery, renewal, rebirth.  We've heard it all our lives from just about everywhere and everyone.  It's a time to start fresh, clear out the burdens of winter and embrace the lightness that comes with warmer weather - which is why there's no better time of year to dig in and clear out your closets, especially your clothing wardrobe.

The easiest way to approach a closet (or chest of drawers or wherever else your clothes are kept) is to break it down into three steps:

Start.  Sort.  Style.

When preparing for these 3 steps, be mindful of your time and energy.  It's best to block a few hours, without interruption, to get it done.  And if you need to recruit some helpers (your partner or kids) or perhaps get everyone out of the house to maintain peace and quiet, make sure to let them in on the plan!

START - With Appleshine clients, we recommend using the method of "Deconstruct to Reconstruct" - take everything out, then put it all back in an organized manner.  When taking everything out of a space, consciously categorize 'like with like.'  If there are any items that immediately need to go (due to damage, discoloration, rips or other unwearable conditions), put them directly in the 'out' pile.


SORT - After everything has been categorized, sort through each pile individually to assess what should stay or what goes.  Perhaps you never knew you had 13 black sweaters but really only wear 4-5 in regular rotation!  Or you totally forgot about that pair of jeans that are perfect for cooler spring days!  Be honest with yourself and move out any items that no longer fit your body, your daily uniform or your lifestyle.  A "Daily Uniform" - the concept of what clothes you need to get up + get out the door on a regular basis during each week.  Try to hone in on what that looks like for you because those clothes should be the bulk of your wardrobe.

STYLE - Once it's time to put everything back in the space, be mindful of how/where things go.  The daily uniform pieces should be the most accessible.  Consider which items are easily hung (blouses, dresses, skirts, slacks), which items are easily folded (jeans, sweaters, shorts) and which items fit well in drawers (undergarments, t-shirts, leggings, workout clothes, loungewear).  When identifying the location for each category, respect that you're now assigning a "Capacity Limit" - the maximum amount of space you'll allow for that specific category.  Once the items exceed the capacity limit, it's time to edit down the category, NOT expand into another area.

This three-step approach gives a beginning / middle / end to a seemingly overwhelming project.  It's a basic guideline to get you through a necessary task in a relatively short amount of time - so let it be just that.  Don't drag it out or try to split it up over different days (or weeks)!  Devote 2-4 hours per space or project and make sure to wrap it up before walking away.  It's okay to count a closet + dresser + under-bed storage as three different projects.  Just be mindful of keeping 'like with like' and not splitting up categories across the different zones.

Once you've organized your closets + clothing wardrobe, you'll feel lighter by moving forward with what you need rather than being weighed down by what you don't.  And that feeling of fresh renewal is what Spring is all about.


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Guest Contributor

Amelia Meena

Owner of the NYC-based company, Appleshine Organization + Design

As a professional organization firm for a range of clients, Appleshine has been featured in:  Architectural Digest - TODAY.com - Apartment Therapy - Good Housekeeping - and more!  Additionally, Appleshine has an exclusive partnership with The Container Store to provide home organization service and custom closet designs.

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