• Staying Healthy During Flu Season

August 19, 2018



As much as I love the Fall and Winter seasons, I do feel like I need a little extra something to keep me healthy during those months when the threat of flu and colds are upon us.  Hands down, this essential oil blend, called On Guard by doTERRA, is the best thing out there to help you stay healthy from my experience.  I have friends who swear by it and use it on weekly airplane flights to fight off the onslaught of germs in close quarters and I use it especially during the cold and flu seasons as a precaution.  I truly believe it helps to keep you healthy, and now there are products containing this special blend to extend your defense zone!

With its bright citrus spice scent, the effectiveness of the doTERRA On Guard® blend quickly impresses even the most skeptical first-time user. Much of the reason for this popularity is due to the blend’s immune supporting benefits and powerful cleansing properties. Put simply, doTERRA On Guard represents the ultimate way to take care of your family using pure CPTG® essential oils both inside and out.*

Internal Use

doTERRA On Guard is a safe and easy blend to use internally. Put one to two drops in a Veggie Capsule, or drink one to two drips in eight ounces of water. This supports several bodily systems, including respiratory function to specifically protect against seasonal and environmental threats. It also gives a hand to the body’s natural antioxidant defenses, and utilizes the powerful immune-supporting properties doTERRA On Guard is well-known for.

doTERRA On Guard can be useful in creating healthy snacks for the whole family to enjoy. Add a few drops to water and apple slices for an additional immune-boost, add it to this spiced Pumpkin Smoothie, or to your next batch of popcorn.

Cleansing Benefits

The doTERRA On Guard blend by itself is an effective non-toxic cleaning agent that can be used to clean skin and household surfaces. When diffused, it not only spreads an energizing aroma, it can help cleanse and purify the air in any room.

Because it is such a powerful blend, doTERRA On Guard has been used in many different products for cleansing purposes throughout your home. One of the most popular is the doTERRA On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash. While you could easily make your own homemade soap using the doTERRA On Guard blend, the Hand Wash is a convenient option with extra benefits. For example, when you cleanse your hands with this formula, it means you are both cleaning and protecting your skin—all the ingredients in the Hand Wash are pH balanced to protect the skin’s natural and delicate moisture barrier. While it is gentle on skin, the Hand Wash is also helpful after working on your car or bike to wash away hard-to-clean grime.

For cleaner, softer hands we recommend keeping the doTERRA On Guard Hand Wash in your bathroom and kitchen—you can purchase it with two dispensers to make this convenient. The powerful cleansing products do not end with the Hand Wash, however.  See the entire line of On Guard product here.

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