• Summer Wrap Up - Lake Lotawana Days

August 25, 2019

As the Summer winds down and the dock gets shadier earlier, I have to admit I saw a leaf fall into the lake the other day.  It made me think of how much fun the summer was and how special Lotawana Days was at our lake this summer.  It's a celebration of the place we live that happens every summer.  This year, the theme was "Sweet Home Lotawana."


These are our three enjoying their first Lotawana Days a few years ago.


The ski show is probably the highlight of Lotawana Days, and for the past couple of years, Chloe Huxol was the girl in charge. A veteran water skier, Chloe is only 26 but has been skiing since she was 11. She loves the sport because once you master one skill, you can make up your own combinations for the show. This was the opening act for the ski show, three-tier pyramid with two splits trios.



One of the participants in the ski show is Ally Custer, who competes regularly.  Ally scored overall 5th in slalom, trick and jump at Regionals and was awarded Most Improved in slalom.  Great Job, Ally!


Everyone at Lotawana loves the fact that any age can participate in the ski show.  There were around 80 residents this year and the ages ranged up to 70 years old. Even these boys even got in on the ballet toe hold act. 


Some of the adults who live on the lake today were actually in the ski show when they were children as it has been a tradition for 30 years.  And now some of those same residents have kids who are skiing in the show, making it a pretty great legacy for our community. 


Many of the younger skiers at Lake Lotawana compete on a regular basis, and at least five went to Regionals. Water skiing is a sport to these students just like football or soccer, and they are serious about it.


The 2019 ski show made history with two side by side three-tier pyramids, which have not been attempted for 11 years, and this year were accomplished behind one boat. It’s amazing to watch! Catch it on my Instagram IG-TV @seasonsofthelake - from the take off on the dock to the thrilling end. Sweet Home Lotawana!


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