• Thankful Leaves

October 03, 2017


One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is Thankful Leaves.  Each member of the family takes a leaf off the Thanksgiving table, brimming over with homemade food, gords, pumpkins and plenty of warmth, and writes the thing that comes to mind as to what they are most thankful for.  Whether it's being with your children, food and shelter, a new job or even a Starbucks Venti Carmel Macchiato, nothing is off limits when it comes to this activity.  Some are very serious when they write, and some are more comical, but it all boils down to one thing:  we have many reasons to be grateful.

We live in a country that is free, we have so much at our disposal, and we have free enterprise at our fingertips to accomplish the American Dream as so many have done before us.  As the beautiful fall colors appear on the trees and leaves float to the ground (in piles my husband would say), it is time to think about how lucky we are.  Even if we are going through a rough patch, I have learned there is always something to be thankful for!  

So get your treated fall leaves at Michaels or Hobby Lobby and set out a Sharpie for the family.  After each person writes their entries, it is fun to guess who wrote which one as you go around the table.  Let a child get some practice by reading each one aloud and then thank God for all the wonderful blessings He has bestowed on this family.


Meet Dillar

Hey Everyone! I would like you to meet my friend, Dillar! We have been friends since First Grade, but lost touch when she moved away and we both got inundated in raising children. In recent years, we have become reacquainted only to find out how much we have in common, how much we both love to entertain and take care of family and home and most of all, how much we love to laugh. Dillar's laugh is contagious and she is one of the most generous people I know.

Recently, she travelled 663 miles to help her friend (me) get our lake house ready for a family reunion.  That's just the kind of person she is!  I tried to tell her not to come!  It was during that time that she just kept coming up with idea after idea, and finally, I said, "You should write a book and call it, 'Dillar's Great Ideas!'"  Thus, the column "Tipping Over With Ideas" was born!  I know you will enjoy her tips and "great ideas" as much as I have!

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