• Treasure Hunting in Dallas

January 17, 2020

 On Consignment

We went treasure hunting on our trip to Dallas at the Consignment store! Our son has purchased a really nice leather coffee table/ottoman from this place and we always try to pay a visit to see if they have anything that he (or we) could use.

This place is FULL of antiques from floor to ceiling! It was a gold mine.

The first thing I came across was this vintage boating encyclopedia.  Not only encyclopedias are a thing of the past, but I loved the detailed information it had on the sport of boating.

This side table with antiqued mirror on the top was a steal - so good looking but no where to put it!

More treasures!

This is a majolica platter I wish I would have bought!  It was beautiful and meant to be displayed - I would display it during February if I owned it.  Perfect with the cherubs for Valentine's Day!

I also loved this little toy canoe that was sitting like a hidden treasure in a sea of antiques!


On Consignment located:

2719 Fairmount St., Dallas, TX75201


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