• Week 3 - Learning About Macro Nutrients

January 29, 2020

Okay, Week 3.  I'll tell you it's been a learning curve.  This eating plan has finally taught me what foods are really made of! I used to think carbs only meant like rice, bread, pasta, etc.  But now I know that there are actually carbs in things like beans and bananas.

In Faster Way to Fat Loss, we use the My Fitness Pal app to track our carbs, fat and protein. The app asked us at the beginning how much weight we want to lose and then each day is set for a certain number. As we log our food, it tells us how much we have left for the day.  The secret is actually to use our fasting time in the morning to plan the day. 

If I have a meal I know I'm going to eat for sure, I log that in first.  Then I fill in the rest of the day and it's super easy!  I love it.

One trick using the app is using the Search button.  If I know I'm eating an apple, I put it in the Search and it brings up several choices and I choose one and boom!  It's logged.  In the same way, if I'm eating out, for example at Applebee's, I can enter salmon dinner at Applebee's and it pulls it up!  All of the macros - carbs, protein and fat - are automatically entered.  Even local restaurants are in there!

So as far as how I'm feeling.....so much better.  My clothes are continually fitting better, my face has gotten thinner, and I have more energy.  Amanda Tress, the originator of this eating plan, begs us not to weigh ourselves.  And my wonderful coach, Deb, also says that.  Weight goes up and down, it stagnates, and they say the best is to just wait until the end of our six-week program. That way, the scale doesn't play tricks on our minds.

Uhhhh, I wish I could say I cooperated with that, but I broke the rule and got on the scale.  I really wanted to let you all know how I'm doing for one thing.  I have lost a good amount of weight in three weeks.  There are three more weeks to go, and I'm going to try to not weigh myself again since I have seen my half-way progress.

This past week, I also had my first three-hour appointment with my new naturopathic doctor, Shelly Alexander, D.O. Her background is being an internist in gerontology. She used to extend people's lives in the nursing homes for years, living at a low level, some nearly comatose. She realized she wanted to extend the VITAL part of people's lives instead. She did 40 blood tests on me to help me do this.

I've never had someone get to the root of my problems like she did. I am so grateful.  It all boils down to the Europe trip I took in the 1990's with my church choir at the time, where I contracted a bug that eventually gave me Colitis (inflammation of the colon) when I returned home. The bug never left me.  

The Colitis got handled, it turned into Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which I endured for years, and now she says, I have Leaky Gut.

Dr. Alexander says a lot of people have Leaky Gut these days, and just live with it. Leaky Gut causes chronic inflammation throughout the body that, according to nutritionists and practitioners of alternative medicine, results in a wide range of conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, migraines, multiple sclerosis and autism. As of 2016, there is little evidence to support this hypothesis that Leaky Gut causes these diseases, but I am seeing a difference already. I believe the studies will eventually prove this.

One of the main recommendations my doctor made was a whole foods diet including fasting.  Enter Faster Way to Fat Loss!  As an incredible  non-coincidence, I had already started this eating plan two weeks prior to my appointment. I believe I am on a path that was meant to be. I already feel the inflammation down all over my body.

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