• Week 4 - Tips from My Nutritionist

February 14, 2020

This fourth week of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, I had an appointment with the nutritionist who is part of my naturopathic doctor's program.  This was the first of two appointments with her, and it was a little jarring.  It was what you might call a "come to Jesus" talk, and I mean that with the utmost respect. The good news was she was THRILLED with my new food plan, FASTer Way to Fat Loss. The 16/8 fasting and whole foods regime with no gluten or dairy was exactly what she would have prescribed. (Meant to be!)

The not so good news was she told me I need to lose more weight than I had planned, and she was pretty no-nonsense about the whole thing.  She was nice, don't get me wrong. But in as much as I have received daily encouragement delivered in warm and fuzzy fashion from my FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach, this nutritionist affected me a little like the piano teachers who used to tap their students' knuckles with a ruler when they hit a wrong note.

I think it's all part of my issues.  I needed to hear what she said, because I keep thinking I'm back in the 80's when I just had 20 pounds to lose.  Those days are over. Sigh!

So I wanted to share some interesting facts and tips she gave me. They are game changers and I'm actually excited to have this knowledge.

1. Switch from olive oil to avocado oil when cooking over 375 degrees.  When olive oil reaches over 375 degrees, it turns to saturated fat!  Did you know that? That means, no sautéing on the stove in olive oil. That also means no roasting vegetables in the oven at high temps with olive oil sprinkled on them. But of course, it's great for salads. And a bonus - avocado oil has no real taste, so it's an easy substitute for olive oil!

2. Switch from peanut butter to almond butter. Did you know peanuts cause inflammation? Oh great, right?! That's a lot of years of inflammation I have caused myself.  But the good news:  I like the taste of almond butter even better than peanut butter!  (And I don't care about eating peanuts, anyway.) One food I will miss but it's not the end of the world: Thai peanut sauce. I will live.

3. Grass-fed Ghee butter is the best dairy-free gluten-free alternative for butter for me because it is dairy free and grass-fed means the cows ate grass instead of grain. Grass-fed Ghee butter is also a great for cooking on the stove at high temps. You can buy it at many places like Sprouts, Amazon or Walmart.

4. For inflammation: Eliminate sugar, toxins additives, gluten and processed food. I recommend reading the book, Unprocessed, by Chef AJ to hear more about why unprocessed foods are not just better for you but disease preventing and sometimes curing.


5. Wait two hours after lunch for a snack - you can enjoy a smoothie, guacamole, hummus, veggies or a handful of nuts.

I also loved her recommendation of the plant based tortilla chips called Siete that I was able to find at Whole Foods and Natural Grocers. Watch the calorie count as it changes with the flavors.  I eat the most plain ones I can.

They are a little bland but awesome with salsa or guacamole and so worth it for the health benefits.

Hope you find these tips helpful as I did!

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