• 21 Special Sandwich

November 01, 2023

Something great that came out of last summer at the lake is also perfect for tailgates in the Fall. It's my 21 Special sandwich! 

It just kind of evolved after having many sandwich bars for big groups of people before hopping on the boat. I would try to have everything I could think of that all ages of people like, and then through that process, I created what our family thinks is the ultimate sandwich to take on the boat!

Named for our address at the lake, our favorite bread is made with sweet Hawaiian buns. They have great flavor and hold up well when you wrap them in foil and throw them in a picnic basket or individual disposable lunch container.

It's important to use really fresh ingredients and I would say my secret ingredient that makes them so good is the pickled banana peppers, initiated by our youngest son, who loved them all through high school on his sandwiches. They really give it a pop.


1 Hawaiian bun

2 Slices thin deli turkey

4 Slices hard salami, folded accordian-style

3-4 Slices pickled banana pepper

2 Slices butter pickles (optional)

1-2 Pieces lettuce

1 Slice tomato

Mayo (spread on one half of the bun)

Dijon mustard (spread on the other half of the bun)


Wrap in foil and enjoy on a picnic, on the boat or at the tailgate for your favorite team!

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