• Horsefeather with KC's Own Rieger's Whiskey

January 12, 2021

My husband's favorite drink is a Horsefeather, and one reason is the whiskey that goes in it! We have a little jewel in Kansas City, called J. Rieger and Company, an historic family-owned distillery that specializes in its premium whiskey. Everyone loves the special recipe, and our son's friends make him bring them bottles home when he comes to KC. It's very similar to my favorite, a Moscow Mule, but it calls for the whiskey instead of vodka.

Fill a high ball glass or copper mug with ice and add:

1.5 oz J. Rieger & Co. KC Whiskey

4 oz. Ginger Beer

5 Dashes Bitters

Lemon Wedge (squeezed into drink)

Stir and enjoy!


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