• Grilled Salmon

April 20, 2020

Real simply, this is a dish we eat nearly once a week, and our high school senior son has it down to a tee! It only takes four ingredients and sometimes we only use two! Enjoy.

Grilled Salmon

A whole Salmon

Sweet Spot Barbecue Rub (Link below)

Brown Sugar (optional)

Soy Sauce (optional)

Our #1 most important ingredient for grilled salmon is rub we always purchase from a local and famous restaurant, Joe's Barbecue. It is called Sweet Spot Barbecue Rub, and everyone in our family has a container of it no matter where they are living. It's also fantastic in chili or seasoning roasted vegetables or whatever.  Best rub ever!

The other ingredients are optional, and if I'm trying to make it a healthy meal, I normally leave these out.  But for our family luau, we wanted to make the fish taste extra special, so we started with sprinkles of soy sauce on the fish side, followed by generous amounts of sprinkled brown sugar and the barbecue rub.

We grill the fish on the skin side down for around 5 minutes or until the top become bubbly. We then turn the fish over to cook on the non-skin side for around another five minutes.  The seared skin is easy to remove once it cooks on the skin side, so we remove that and fork the fish to make sure it is cooked through.



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