• Creating a Simple Fall Centerpiece

October 07, 2021

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the thought of creating a fall centerpiece? Are you wanting to get the feeling of fall into your home? I will take you through a simple step by step method of how to bring a little bit of fall right onto your table.


The first thing you might want to do is find a runner for your table. I like burlap, because is feels like Fall to me, but if you don't have one, it's not absolutely essential. It just makes the centerpiece look a little more finished.


Next, just arrange some pumpkins, gords and I even used a concrete pheasant, all put a different angles, with the pheasant off center. Notice I use different textures. I love the velvet pumpkins the most! You can get them in Kansas City at J'Adore Home and Garden (@jadorehomegarden) or online at Hot Skwash .

Lastly, you carefully insert the leaves and bittersweet, all so that the arrangement looks balanced. When you put the leaves in, be sure to use the wires in the leaves to "fluff them up" much like you do a Christmas tree, bending them up and down to look natural.

If you have some pretty candlesticks, you can put those in the mix at different levels too. I used our copper ones since copper is always good for Fall, and I found birch-covered battery operated candles. To get the one taller, I just set it on a small antique book that actually looked good with the decor.

Now it's ready to enjoy this easy to do centerpiece all during the fall season!

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