• Decorating Shelves in a Corner Cabinet

March 11, 2022

We have loved this corner cabinet that was purchased from Woodson Place Antiques & Interiors, Raymore, Missouri. It stores board games and playing cards in the cabinet below and we display some of our favorite treasures above on the shelves with a distressed green background.


On these shelves, we have taken the opportunity to display a small grouping of pitchers. There are blue and white pitchers and a porcelain watering can. They set off the denim couches that are steps away and are family heirlooms handed down to us by my aunt from her blue and white collection.


We love using antiques as functional pieces whenever we can, and this beautiful old cabinet is no exception. Located right next to our game table, it's a perfect place to reach over and pull out a Sequence board, our family's favorite game.

But most of all, the glass doors are such a plus because we get to enjoy decorative items that are special to us. We have interspersed antique biscuit boxes that we often use as ice buckets for small cocktail parties. And the artificial greens are always a nice way to soften the space. Putting pieces at different heights using old books is a common trick we use.

To top it off, we have displayed a Toby mug, next to a pitcher that is not antique from Nell Hills in Kansas City, MO. Toby mugs can range in value from $15 to hundreds of dollars. They are figural ceramic pitchers modeled in the form of a popular character, historical, fictional or generic.

I hope you enjoy looking at our corner cabinet shelves as much as we do!

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