• Fall Mantles 101

September 28, 2021

I used to hire someone to decorate my house for Thanksgiving. I would watch them year after year and soon I would have an opinion on what they were doing. I must confess I learned a lot from these creative people, but deep down, I wanted to give it my own twist.

Before long, I realized I could do it myself, and guess what! You can too! I want you to have the same confidence to decorate your mantel for Fall. I believe with just a few simple tips, I can help you to have that confidence.

At the lake, we actually have two urns on our mantle most of the year. In the fall, we use our dark iron urns full of greens and pinecones. We set one next to some antique books and one on top of antique books. You can get antique books at estate sale and antique shops. After my urns, I usually start with some sort of vine or ivy garland. It's just a good base.

Next, I put the largest pieces on the mantle - the pumpkins and the gourds, and mix textures if you want! Place them at different angles, some on their side and some on top of the other.


After the largest pieces are placed, I usually stick berries or bittersweet at various places where there might be a space. Usually an odd number of these sprigs is best. 


And lastly, I just fill in with foliage and leaves. Of course, all of these decor pieces are artificial, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to buy high quality artificials. I have purchased mine from Nell Hills in Kansas City and Spruce Home in Leawood, Kansas, and they have lasted me many years!

Now, it's your turn!!!


 Nell Hills


Spruce Home




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