• Mixing Patterns and Memories in the Game Room

September 12, 2021

When Lucy follows me into the Game Room, she immediately jumps on the bed and goes to sleep! I guess that must be the sign of a comfortable bed, right?

We made this originally attic room into an extra bedroom when we renovated, but then we took it a step further, and added a TV with all the video equipment. This has come in handy on a cold or rainy day at the lake. It's just a nice luxury to have to make "the guys" happy. 

When the guys want to game, we can drag a bean bag chair out the closet, and there's an extra twin trundle bed under this twin for extra guests.

I love coming in this room because it reminds me of my dad. These plaid drapes hung in his home office, and I remember him sitting at his desk with these in the background. Even after he retired, he sat at his desk every day. It was his routine and he loved it.

These plaid drapes are almost a neutral along with the denim duvet cover on the bed. So it was fun to mix the plaid, the stripes and the needlepoint Native American pillow on the bed. My dad was a passionate collector of Native American art, and I love having this pillow alongside his drapes.

Since there was another set of drapes in his office, but we only had one window, we used the extra fabric to make pillows for the leather couch. There is a rustic twig mirror above the couch which continues that same theme in the room.

This room is a mix of patterns and fond memories of my dad. It's easy to mix patterns if you stay with the same feel and the colors all complement each other.

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