• Fall Decor Tour

November 12, 2021

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love seeing the leaves turn, put a fire in the fireplace, sit on the porch and put on a jacket because the air is crisp and cool. The decor in the fall season is cozy to me, and I just wanted to share everything about Fall at our lake house.


A giant white pumpkin greets you at the door of the house. It blends well with the stone on the house, and because it's not real, we don't have to deal with the pesky squirrels who love to eat our pumpkins!

My three-tiered server on the island is probably the most fun thing to decorate with the change of seasons. I love to change out the mugs to the reflect the season, and for Fall, I use Spode Woodland pattern. It's fun to have a different animal on each cup. Then, I add pumpkins, berries and a little foliage.

This year, I am loving using @hotskwash pumpkins on the table. I love the velvet bodies with the real stems. They really give a richness to Fall.


It's fun to decorate a stone mantle no matter what season, but Fall is super easy. Turning pumpkins and goods on their sides and adding leaf garland and colored loose leaves is pretty simple. I like to squeeze in an odd number of votives with battery operated tea candles just for some glow also.

And finally, on your way out of the house through the side door, a wreath made of colorful fall leaves tops off the tour. I love "simple" during Fall.  

I hope you enjoy the rest of this season and especially the pleasures of the vibrant colors that show their brilliance just before they drop and bow into the cold of winter. Each season has wonderful qualities, and I think I love the casual somewhat messy nature of not being able to keep up with the leaves in the yard. It's virtually impossible to have a perfectly manicured yard in the Fall, which to me is God saying, "Slow down. Enjoy the beauty of the season. Not everything has to be perfect."

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