• Holiday Pillows Provide "Pop!"

November 14, 2019

Is it surprising that I put a red Christmas pillow with my year-round pillow that is also red?  I honestly can't remove these pillows I had made from the vintage Waverly fabric I found in my aunt's closet when we moved her to assisted living.  She has since passed, but I remember the fabric from chairs that she had in her den AND the chairs we had when I was in kindergarten in Minnesota covered in the same fabric in blue!  Okay, I'm sentimental.  But I think this red plaid works with it and really gives it a Christmas pop for the season.  I got these from Spruce Home in Leawood, Kansas.

This pillow was purchased a couple of years ago from Spruce Home.  I just wanted to show how much a pillow can do in a room.  I like collecting pillows for Christmas each year - even if I just buy one or two for one spot.  I rotate them each year and it's amazing how much it changes the room and make your decorations fresh.

And finally, a plaid pillow with a bold tree works on this buffalo check chair and brings just the right amount of red from the mantel into the room to make it feel Christmasy. This was a 2018 Spruce Home purchase.  I guess I'm living proof that they really are the source for Christmas pillows!

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