• Simple and Fresh Easter Table

March 25, 2020

I used to do elaborate centerpieces for the holidays, but lucky for everyone, things have been simplified a lot in current times!  This is an Easter table setting with vintage pearl-handled silverware, green chargers from Nell Hills in Kansas City and bunny napkins from Pier One. I love how airy and simple it is.  

One of my favorite florists in Kansas City is Sidelines on 135th Street. They did this beautifully natural arrangement in a bark-covered vase I bought in Phoenix at a consignment shop. In case the vase sweats, I have it sitting on a vintage hobnail plate I inherited.

Just the right touch of this bunny peeking out from the napkins says Happy Easter, and that's all that is needed to celebrate the season.


Sidelines Custom Floral Designs, Inc.

511 E. 135th St.

Kansas City, MO  64145



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